Garnett to Play 24 Minutes in First Preseason Game

Garnett was not just grinning yesterday, following his first official practice since surgery. He was the gregarious, guffawing Garnett. Patellas and popliteus tendons were forgotten. Garnett trained at full speed, along with everyone else, through about three-quarters of the two-hour workout.


The 3/4 votes have it (as noted by CW, the report that KG played only 25% of practice must have been a typo). I'm increasingly encouraged. Now it's just a matter of seeing what shakes down during NBAx. On that subject, Doc had this to say:

Rivers expects Garnett to play in most of the team’s eight exhibition games, starting with an Oct. 7 matchup against Houston in Hidalgo, Texas.“I think he has to play,’’ Rivers said. “I always have guys miss one or two games in preseason, anyway, so he’ll be on that same schedule. But, as far as playing, he’ll play 24 minutes, in that area.’’

24 minutes? In the first game? Ok. That might be the best news we've heard thus far.

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