All We Are Saying is Give Sky a Chance


FLCeltsFan said...

I'd love for Walker to get a chance. Last pre-season when he did get a chance to play, he was opening some eyes. The guy has a way of getting under his guy's skin on the court.

SwampYankee said...

If Bill Walker is to have a good NBA career, he needs to have a good jump shot. Shame you didn't show him making any jump shots or Marquis Daniels-type floaters from ten feet out.
He should be shooting jumpers three hours a day. I trust that he is doing so.

Another point about jump shots versus driving: less likely to get injured. Just ask Tony Allen.
Someone with injured knees needs to take that into account.

When best plays emphasize dunks, I am reminded of one renowned Celtics dunker of years past: Gerald Green.

You need more than dunks to survive.

Lex said...

Thanks, Yankee. I'd say he has a decent looking jumper from what I've seen, but my observations have been limited.

Do you think he's lacking in that department or you just need more evidence?

SwampYankee said...

From several post game breakdowns of play by play for his shots attempted/made, I also got the impression that his jump shot wasn't that bad. I also recall his college teammate Michael Beasley saying that Walker's jump shot was OK.

My point was more to show a "best of" that shows more than dunking. Even a good defensive stop would be good to see, and Walker has acquired a certain rep for defense, at least for irritating the people he guards.

Granted, his dunking is marvelous, but he cannot become a star in the NBA on that. I think one thing that Europeans have over Americans is that they practice more fundamentals instead of fancy dunking.

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