Conspicuous Omission

If you listen to Danny at today's presser, you know that Rasheed has already been practicing at Waltham. Glen Davis, JR Giddens, Bill Walker, and Lester Hudson, too. Paul and Ray are on their way.

What about #5?

Nada. No mention of Kevin Garnett.

Do we even know if he's being allowed to run yet?

I'm not ready to make a win-total prediction yet. But I am starting to get a feeling about the first month of the regular season. My crystal ball sees the first guy off the Celtics' bench. The picture is a little foggy, but he looks to be about 7-1, though he's listed at 6-11.He's staying on the floor for about 8 minutes in the first half and the same amount in the second half.

Rasheed is starting.


FLCeltsFan said...

In the article with the interview with Tim G who runs the camp for NBA players, Tim said that KG was playing basketball. He listed his name among the players who were playing 5 on 5.

Lex said...

Yay! I'll hope to see more articles like that one!

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