Er, Doc, What about Leon?

It was important to get everyone back. We thought at the end of the year we had to add to the team and I thought we did that. But we didn’t want to lose anyone, and we didn’t. We basically ended up with the team we had last year, with more, better players. I just like our team this year.


A shot across the bow or outta sight, outta mind?

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FLCeltsFan said...

This really upset me. We did lose someone and he was a big part of why banner 17 is hanging from the rafters. Leon played hurt and blew out his knee for this team and he even played 3 minutes after he tore his ACL and this is how they treat him? He could at least mention that we lost Leon but brought in Shelden to replace him. But to say that we lost no one is just plain wrong.

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