Garnett to be Cleared for Scrimmages?

Celtics Feeling Good About Kevin Garnett's Recovery

The Big Ticket seems to be taking serious steps toward being back on the basketball court.

Yahoo's Marc Spears suggested Thursday night that Celtics power forward Kevin Garnett has continued to make progress in his return from knee surgery. Things are going so well, Spears reports, the team hopes that doctors will clear the 33-year-old for full-court scrimmages by the start of training camp.


Whoo hoo!

The article says Garnett has been participating in drills. This sounds much better than "lifting weights and walking on a treadmill."


FLCeltsFan said...

They must have been reading your demands for information Lex! FINALLY some solid information. Sounds good. They will take it easy with him at first which is good. Hopefully the news will continue to be good on him.

Lex said...

Yay! Let's hope we keep getting some good news!

FLCeltsFan said...

It's pretty sad when in order to get any news on the Celtics we have to turn to a guy who isn't even in town any more because the Boston media is so bad at covering their team.

Lex said...

That is pretty pathetic, and I bet only Spears could have gotten this story.

Lex said...

I should put story in quotes because it's more of a tidbit than anything else. Throwing crumbs to the rank and file, really

CW said...


Lex said...

Should be an interesting next 5 five weeks.

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