Is George Gervin Better than DJ?


I mean, really, is he?

So Ice won a few scoring titles.


I just don't see how a one-dimensional guy like Ice gets enough votes for Naismith, while a multidimensional threat like DJ is left to wander the world in purgatory.

This really irks me. The Isiah-DJ discussion is silly by comparison. No one doubts that Isiah was one of the all-time great point guards. But George Gervin was a scorer, pure and simple. That shouldn't be enough to get you into the Hall over players that were multidimensional threats.

While sitting out 3 games due to injury, Gervin's replacement, Ron Brewer, averaged over 30 ppg. When Gervin returned, he scored 40+ points. When asked if he was sending a message, Gervin said, "Just the way the Lord planned it" and added, "Ice be cool" (with Ron Brewer). LINK

Can you see DJ doing something like that? Well, can you?

Yesterday, we read that Magic Johnson called-out DJ as one of the best defenders ever. Even Gervin said that no one defended better than DJ.


The Kid said...

Gervin was All ABA and All NBA 1st or 2nd team many years in a row. Using more advanced metrics he was among the leaders in Win Shares and Player Efficiency Rating for most of the years of his career.

I think you're overrating DJ.

Lex said...

Yeah. You see basketball like most people do--putting the rock in the hole. That's ok. You are in the majority. DJ played basketball like I think it should be played.

You must not be too fond of Bill Walton?

Funny that he's considered and all-time great, but DJ isn't, because neither one is great when measured by offensive numbers.

Lex said...

Say DJ wasn't considered such a clutch offensive player. So his total value is defense. On that point alone he should be in the hall. Then you throw in the fact that he was money in the clutch, Finals MVP, 6 finals appearances, three titles, all defense, all nba, all within a short period of time.

There is simply no question DJ deserves to be in.

Lex said...

What did you think of Magic in the 1980s finals? Most people think it was the greatest performance ever. He played every position. One year earlier, DJ did the same thing, except for center. He blocked shots and rebounded like no other guard in finals history. Not even the Big O was a big shot blocker.

The Kid said...

I think Kareem was as dominant as can be in the 1st 5 games of the 1980 NBA Finals and should have been Finals MVP. One game shouldn't make a Finals MVP like it did for Magic in 1980.

Lex said...

You watched the 1980s finals?

The Kid said...

Bill Walton was perhaps the 2nd or 3rd best college basketball player ever. He had all-around skills that rarely seen in a Center and was a great team leader.

He was one of the 10 best players in the league for about 3 years in the 70's. But I think he is overrated for his 1980's work.

The Kid said...

The 1980 Finals are available on Youtube or at least they were.

Lex said...

So back to bill walton, does he deserve to be considered a top 50 player? His numbers would seem to say no. Yet he is considered by many to be as good or better than an center in nba history.

The Kid said...

No Bill Walton should not be considered a top 50 player. He didn't have enough seasons at a high level to be considered a top 50 player.

Lex said...

Ah there we go.

No offense, kid, but you and I having these conversations is about like two people having a conversation about triangles, where one person thinks a triangle is shaped like a square and the other thinks a triangle is shaped like a circle.

Under no circumstances in my world would a george gervin ever enter the hall before dj.

At least Iverson got to one finals.

But Iverson is close to be the next gervin.

You would disagree. That's fine. But that just goes to show my point. Apples and oranges.

FLCeltsFan said...

I don't know why the Hall has overlooked DJ for so long. He really belongs in the Hall and their failure to elect him will be a black cloud over them until they do.

The Kid said...

Iverson is better than Gervin.

Lex said...

I'm not so sure. By the time Ice left the league, his stock was high. Iverson's stock right now is just above marbury's.

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