Jimmy Ard

The star of the third overtime of game 5 of the 1976 NBA Finals was without a doubt Glenn McDonald. He came off the bench to score 6 points, two of them on late free throws, snare a rebound, and draw a key foul (though his turnover in the last minute often gets ignored).

But what about Jim Ard? A career .662 free throw shooter, Ard stood at the line with less than a minute to play in the final frame, Celtics up 4, their biggest lead since mid-way through the fourth quarter (or a really long time ago). All he did was hit both free throws. Good thing he did. The Celtics only won by 2, to take a 3-2 lead heading back to Phoenix for game 6.

This is why Celtics fans obsess over how Doc and Danny plan to fill the spots at the end of the bench. Role players matter.

Here it is:

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Lex said...

BTW, this is why I'm excited about Shelden. The other day when I mentioned the Cs may have two Sixth Man candidates, I meant Sheed and Squis. Shelden just needs to be the next Greg Kite, the next Rick Robey, the Next Jim Ard.

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