KG Update

Garnett has resumed practicing with the Celtics. He played “a couple days” last week, Pierce said, but is still working his way back from the injury. “It wasn’t like he was out there [screaming] and dunking,” Pierce said. “No, none of that. But he was out there on the court.” Stung by James Posey’s departure last season, the Celtics improved their depth over the summer by signing forward Rasheed Wallace, who can back up Garnett, or, if needed, start in place of him.

--Marc Spears

Spears sure packs a punch. KG still isn't scrimmaging, and Rasheed Wallace can start at power forward if necessary. I really, really, really, really find it hard to believe that KG is just going to magically take off his warm-ups and start scrimmaging when camp opens on Tuesday if he hasn't done so since before his surgery in May. In fact, I'm not sure he scrimmages at all next week.

Gary Washburn on Celtics Stuff Live intimated that KG might not be 100% until after (G-A-S-P!) the All-Star break. Sean Grande basically said that nobody knows anything for sure, and we'll just have to see what happens during camp.

Glen Davis may see 30 minutes of PT after all. And don't forget about Sheldoon Williams. The former first round pick, 5th overall, may see some consistent minutes, too. If KG really isn't gonna be healthy for several months, it makes sense why they didn't show much interest in Leon Powe. Waiting around for one big to get healthy is one thing. Waiting around for two bigs to get healthy is an entirely different risk altogether.


Lex said...

Celtics Stuff Live was talking about KG having difficulty with lateral movement throughout October. If true, that makes the recovery process sound a little more lengthy.

Lex said...

Gary Washburn said that Garnett might not be 100% until after the All-Star break

CW said...

I just hope it's possible for him to be 100%, regardless of when.

Lex said...

me too, though my original goal was to avoid the melodrama that we suffered with walton.

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