The "KG's Tendons are Stapled" Rumor

Apparently, Bill Simmons is Tweeting that the surgery performed on Kevin Garnett to remove bone spurs from his right knee involved reattching his tendons with staples. Other sources are picking up on the rumor. Jackie MacMullen doesn't have information to refute the rumor.

Just when it looked like it might be safe to shut down the Grassy Knoll for a few days, the Second Gunman returns.


Lex said...

Richard Posner, former Chief Judge of the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, once lamented the fact that "public intellectuals" are not held accountable for their rantings and revelations. Not sure simmons is an intellectual, but this rumor is very public now. I'm not sure how this can just "blow past" and get ignored.

Someone will follow up.

Just have to.

CW said...

I wanted to post about the "staples" yesterday, to say this was the worst thing I had heard about KG's knee.

It's interesting how Simmons tried to justify this news by pointing to the fact that the Celtics signed two PFs this off season...as in it must be because they thought KG was not right.

I think that is ridiculous. We were paper thin up front in the playoffs and the signings would have made perfect sense even with a healthy KG.

Am hoping the statements you posted earlier will hold true, and this staples business turns out to be hogwash.

Lex said...

Yup. I hope so too. But I do hope someone asks Danny point blank about the staples.

FLCeltsFan said...

The bigs signed weren't signed to replace KG. We lost Leon and we had Mikki Moore baking up Perk. So Sheed and Shelden and Baby are signed to give us depth in the frontcourt where we had none before. They will back up both Perk and KG.

FLCeltsFan said...

I've heard from 2 different sources that the staples rumor is just not true. It's Simmons being Simmons. I think living on the left coast has damaged his brain.

Lex said...

Yeah, FCF, but simmons knows it sounds scary to say we signed shelden, sheed, and baby to cover for kg.

What a grand piece of crap.

Someone needs to call him on it!

Lex said...

Per wiki

At age 69, retired as a Grizzlies general manager in 2007 and turned over managing duties to Chris Wallace,

Still, I say he had a hand in the gasol trade.

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