The Ming Vase of NBA Knees


Ming Vase

--An ancient and rare Chinese vase of incalculable worth.

The Boston Celtics are scheduled to open camp on Tuesday, September 29, 2009. Based on what I've heard and read over the last 24 hours, the KG Knee-0-meter appears as if it's tilting toward gloomy, with a likelihood for a slow recovery. Notwithstanding protestations to the contrary, namely from Doc that KG's knee is "tip top" and that KG "will be ready for the first day of camp," the feeling I'm getting is that "ready for camp" really means that KG will attend the first day of camp, be in uniform, and possibly even answer some media questions. Beyond that, don't expect much. Indeed, I will be curious to see if we get any media footage of KG participating in drills and the like next week. If not, take note.

The Staples Rumor continues to float around out there, with mainstream media folks like Gary Washburn now opining that the injury to KG's knee is probably worse than the Celtics' Belichickian front office has let on. There is even talk that KG may not be 100% healthy until 2010, perhaps even after the All-Star break. On that point, don't you find it a little more than an interesting coincidence that NEITHER LAKER GAME is scheduled until February of next year? Hmmm. It couldn't be that the NBA had inside information, now could it?

In any event, my prediction is as follows:

KG's knee will be babied like its a Ming vase from the fourteenth century.

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Lex said...

and to think I was so worried about not having much to write about that I started the KG's Rookie Year series!

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