More Rondo Recognition

NBA ON THE WAY: Shaq to Cleveland, Artest to the Lakers, Vince Carter to Orlando. Nice pickups, ensuring there will be a few incredible teams this season, and a league with maybe 20 mediocre-to-bad rosters.But did any franchise add quality depth as well and as quietly as the Boston Celtics? Shelden Williams, Marquis Daniels, Rasheed Wallace were added in the offseason while Big Baby Davis and Eddie House were, perhaps more importantly, kept during the offseason. So, a healthy starting five includes eventual Hall of Famers Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and a blossoming Kendrick Perkins.

Anything else?

Oh yeah, Rajon Rondo might be the best player on the floor at least one out of every four quarters every game.


My Rondo jersey shirt just came in the mail yesterday. $7.99. Ebay has some deals.


FLCeltsFan said...

And his jumper is better after working on it in the offseason. That was the only flaw in his game and now hopefully it has improved.

Lex said...

Seriously, if he has a reliable jumper, who's gonna guard him other than Chris Paul?

He owns Deron Williams.

FLCeltsFan said...

More importantly, no teams can double off of any player on this team. Perk said he also worked on his offense over the summer. They were having to stay home on Perk in the playoffs but they were still doubling off of Rondo. If Rondo can hit the jumper with regularity or enough to keep the defenses honest, this team will be absolutely deadly.

Lex said...

KG is still the most important, but Rondo might be our best.

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