My Daily Knee Rant

Any discussion regarding Al Jefferson starts with his health. He's looking pretty good in that area and seemed very optimistic in mid-August. "I think I'm 90 percent, I really think I can do contact work," he said. "I know for a fact that I will be ready for training camp. I will be 100 percent, non-stop, I'll go two-a-days."


I just had a crazy idea. Why doesn't someone write a piece like this about KG? You know, hey, KG, how are you feeling? How's, um, er, that knee of yours? Are you still on schedule? Been working out?

Can it really be that hard for someone to do this? Like a reporter paid to investigate things like this?

Christ, camp opens in 20 days!


NewYorkCeltics said...

Seems I've been reading a lot in the media about how Garnett is chooooosing to stay unavailable to the media for quotes such as this. One scribe even mentioned he might in violation of league mandated rules of press availability...not sure if this is true.
But one thing is for certain, KG is flying under the radar and not talking to any press...I'm not surprised there is no news from his mouth.

However, I appreciate your consistent effort to shed light on this. We still don't know what the hell happened or is still happening to his knee.

Lex said...

That sounds like KG. Thanks, NYCeltics.

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