Parish AWOL

1983-84 Boston Celtics

Robert Parish may have decided to sit out until his contract is either renegotiated or extended. Parish was not on the Celtics' flight from Boston to Phoenix last night and did not call coach K.C. Jones with any explanation.

"He will be fined," said Jones. "We'll have to find out what the reasons are. I'm only guessing, but I think it's the contract. That's between him and Red Auerbach."

Parish had said he would sit out training camp unless his contract (with three years remaining at $650,000 per year) was renegotiated. His new agent, Wayne Traynham, later softened the stand and said that Parish would report if the Celtics were willing to talk about something other than a renegotiation.

Parish reportedly gave the Celtics one week to satisfy his demand.

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