A Splash of Sunlight

KG might be healthy.

This changes everything.


If so, we can start focusing on thoughts like this: The Boston Celtics finished last season 62-20, and almost made it to the Eastern Conference Finals without their best player. This summer they added Rasheed Wallace, Marquis Daniels, and Shelden Williams to the roster. The team's only loss was Leon Powe, who will be out with a knee injury until at least the second half of the season.

Bottom line: A 62-20 team added three players who will contribute, two of which may vie for the Sixth Man of the Year Award. In a league where one addition (read Pau Gasol) can turn a stinker into a champion, three additions is mind-boggling.

Ok. Enough optimism until I see KG run.


Lex said...

I say MD is the bigger question mark than Sheldoon, who's only two skills are rebound, defense, and pushing people around. He does this, and he's fulfilled his mission.

slam said...

You might be a little too excited about Sheldon :)

Lex said...

Yeah, I might be.

But come on, my expectations are SON OF GREG KITE. It's not like he needs to be Greg Oden or something.

FLCeltsFan said...

I personally am excited about Shelden. No, he wasn't what Atlanta expected when they drafted him 5th. But as a back up on this team he is going to fill his role very well: rebound, defend the paint, take charges. We need that. He will be the enforcer off the bench.

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