"We're Gonna Let Him Run"

"He's been here several weeks working out," Rivers said prior to teeing off at the team's Shamrock Foundation Golf Tournament at Nashawtuc Country Club. "He's fine. He's good. We're just going to let him run.


I missed this quote from a couple of days ago. As I try to piece together a picture, this piece may be telling. Because of the rare nature of the injury to Kevin Garnett's right knee, no one really knows how healthy he'll be when training camp opens in 10 days. So Doc Rivers, team officials, and team doctors are "just gonna let him run" on the first day of camp, see how it goes, and then maybe clear him for a non-contact or light-contact scrimmage later in the week. Then, finally, if he clears those hurdles, KG will be allowed to participate in a full contact-scrimmage.

Granted, I'm reading a lot into one quote. Then again, I've been piecing quotes together for about seven days now, and the weight and momentum behind most of the stories are finally headed in the same direction--KG will participate on the first day of camp, but just how much he'll participate will be decided after they watch move around.

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