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JUNE 1984

And so, in the last 2-2-1-1-1 series format in NBA history, everyone packed up and flew 3,000 miles back to Boston for Game 7. "It was the strangest pregame I ever remember," says Bird. "M.L. Carr was walking around with goggles on. Danny Ainge had a stethoscope. He walked up to each of us to see if we had a heart. Cedric Maxwell just said, 'Jump on my back, boys. It's my turn.' We were so loose. I think if we had lost, Red [Auerbach] would have killed us

--Bob Ryan

There are times when being a Celtics' fan is tough, last June being one of them. But it's stories like these that recharge the batteries. By the way, anyone want to bet that the following thoughts passed through the minds of Celtics' ownership last summer.

Ok. I own the Boston Celtics, the most storied franchise in professional sports.

Things were going pretty well. We were responsible for increasing the lead from 16-14 to 17-14. Then last summer happened. Boy, Kobe is just 30, and those other MF's are even younger. Sh*t. I'm not too far away from presiding over THE FALL of the franchise. Hey, Danny, get me that free agent list . . . and make it quick

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