Baby Adding to his Skill Set in POWErful way

No Celtic fan will ever forget Leon Powe. When you are a reserve for the Boston Celtics, and you come up huge in the NBA Finals, thereby forcing the opposing coach to address your contributions in the post-game presser (and, as a consequence, mispronounce your name), you've officially earned a place at the table with Don Nelson, Glenn McDonald, and Gerald Henderson.

But as much as we loved Leon Powe, Glen Davis seems to be trying to make us forget him. Glen was always a better on-ball, position defender. Powe was better at scoring in the paint (in the 50-plus years of NBA history, only Leon Powe has mastered a submarine style, one-handed shot in post) and better at blocking shots. Powe was also a monster on the offensive glass.

So what's Glen Davis been doing this pre-season?

Scoring most of his points underneath, making steals, and blocking shots. He's even been active on the offensive boards, not as active as Leon, but active enough to draw praise from Mike and Tommy. If Glen keeps this up, I'm not sure how much Doc would have used Leon anyway, assuming Leon gets healthy enough to play this season (and assuming all of our current bigs stay healthy).

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