Doc and the Five Strings

The starters came out strong at both ends to start the game, but looked cold and flat when the second half commenced. The second unit consisted of four players, Sheed, Squisy, Baby, and House Afire. The second unit looked as good as the first, which is to say them demonstrated the disparity of talent between them and the opposition. The third unit consisted of Brian Scalabrine, while the fourth string included Give It to Me Big Shelden and Lester Hudson. The fifth string included injured players Tony Allen and Bill Walker.

Sheed left the game in the first half with 6 points, 2 rebounds, and 3 blocks, and didn't add much in the second half. If he plays like he did in the first half for a better part of the season, we may have ourselves the Sixth Man winner. For the most part, Marquis Daniels looked good, too, both bringing the ball up the court and as point-forward in set offenses. He's not afraid to hoist it from anywhere, which might be a problem, as he overshot the entire basket on a three-ball from the corner. Baby looked out of sorts, and I'm not really seeing the slimmed down, chiseled physique everyone has been talking about.

By contrast, Give It To Me Big Shelden does like he's in good shape, much thinner than I expected, certainly thinner than Bambino Grande. Early on he failed to box out, and got out rebounded by someone standing behind simply because that opposing player was taller. He made up for it later, when he grabbed an offensive rebound with his right hand and slammed through the put-back all in one motion. The play brought KG and Sheed off the bench. Scalabrine had a memorable Tommyesque rolling hook. He's made these one or twice before, but this one suggested he's mastering the skill. Neither Lester nor JR made much of an impression.


Matt said...

unfortunatley, because of my time difference issues and the fact i had to be up for work at 6am, i couldn't see the game!

but based on points per minute does that not mean the sweet pea could be putting up 50+ ???

Hope that jr plays better next game, i really think he has some potential!

I also hope give it to me big shelden keeps it up! i think he could even be an upgrade on leon if this 15ft jumper is as good as doc says!

Lex said...

hey Matt, yeah I made it through part of the 3rd quarter. I'll watch the rest when I get home. Sweetney is gigantic. I just don't see him making the team. Shelden, on the other hand, may give Baby a run for his money. Baby doesn't play above the rim or block all that many shots. We'll see if Shelden's one-handed put-back jam was an anomaly or a sign of something good.

FLCeltsFan said...

I was soooooooo mad. After waiting so long to see the Celtics, Comcast blacked out the game and LP wasn't offering it. There were no streams online and I couldn't watch. I fumed through the whole game whilst calling DTV several times and writing to Comcast and Mike and Tommy expressing my displeasure. This bench may start out slow until they get used to their roles, but I think they have the potential to be something very special.

FLCeltsFan said...

Oh, and in the highlights I saw a nifty move by Perk where he wormed through 2 defenders McHale style for a lay in.

Lex said...

I missed the perk lay-in. Must have happened after I went to bed midway through the third.

Can you get league pass?

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