Lakers Pummeled at Home

That'll take some shine off Tuesday's ring ceremony, no?


Mark Cuban still thinks Ron Artest carries implosion potential.


“I think we probably wanted it a little too much and that’s what resulted in some of the turnovers, shots going in and out.”

--Kobe Bryant

We got to look at the tape. We got to go back and look at the tape and see what happened. Basically, there’s no excuses really. That’s the main thing.”

--Ron Artest

I wonder if Reggie Miller still has the L's penciled in for a 20-1 start?

Box Score


Lex said...

-On the other hand, 80 points won't win many games outside the Big 10.

Lex said...

Lamar Odom was particularly off kilter. While he started strong on Dirk Nowitzki, as the game went on I felt he got lost in that matchup and forgot the game around him.As you'll see in the video below, PJ agreed. LO's final line (10/6/7) isn't awful, but his five TOs are more indicative of his performance tonight than anything else in the box score

Lex said...

Without Pau Gasol in the lineup, the Lakers need to be more conscious of ball movement and shot selection.


Ah pau, the real mvp of that team. Without him, do they even make the playoffs the last two years?

Lex said...

Derek Fisher shot the ball poorly (2-9, including some wonky shot selection) and struggled to contain the quicker members of Dallas' backcourt. Not good. But while Brown had a strong game, Sasha Vujacic and Jordan Farmar weren't any better than Fish.


DFish ain't no point guard, and if he can't shoot, well, what's the point?

FLCeltsFan said...

I loved watching this game and seeing Kobe getting madder and madder as the game went on and lashing out at teammates in huddles etc.

On another note. I'm not a fan of the background for your posts. the dark purple and dark green make it hard to read the print. I have to highlight the print in order to read it.

But as always the content is some of the best on the net.

Lex said...

When you think about it, the Lakers were the 8th best team in the west before they got gasol, on the bubble to make the playoffs. So why would that change now? Who's the MVP of the Lakers? Ain't kobe.

Lex said...

Really? Yikes. I'll change back to collored font.

The Kid said...

Gasol is a Top 10 player in the league, I agree that he is their true team MVP. Bynum, Odom and most of the team are ridiculously overrated and it's great to see a loss like last night.

Anonymous said...

Gasol top 10? Don't think so.

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