LeBron is Different than Kobe and D-Wade

Let’s not forget that Shaq’s other partners in crime were 2-guards: Kobe and Dwyane Wade. Those guys hung around the perimeter and could hit jump shots as well as cut to the hole. LeBron is a guy who gets the ball all over the floor, often times at the same spot as Shaq does, and they may simply end up getting in each other’s way.


I like the fact that Paul Pierce has circled four games on his calendar, both games against the purple, and two games against Cleveland
on the road. When Paul Pierce announces that he's jacked up about a game, that almost always means we're in store for a great performance from him and his teammates.

I wonder when the last time was we won in Cleveland? Last year we were 0-2, losing by 15 and 31.

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