A lot of people that come in, they say they’re hungry, well I’m starving. I’m starving every night. I feel like I’ve got to prove something.


You know what I like about the Squeezer? I don't grind my teeth every time he touches the ball out of concern over what will happen next. He was only 1-5 last night. But he still added 3 assists, 2 rebounds, and 1 steal in 22 minutes of PT. Marquis Daniels keeps the bone-headed plays to a minimum because he keeps his head in the game, unlike someone else we know. The below video is so great because it captures TA during one of those "he's somewhere else" moments.BTW, I'm really looking forward to what Squisy has to show us on Friday.


Matt said...

love that video!

Lex said...

Tony must be thinking, who is this guy? Before I got injured, I was the go-to guy and #5 was gerald green. Now I'm a schmo and being yelled at about the pick and roll!

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