Sheed & Perk Causing Fits on D

If you've been hearing reports of how loud the Celtics' practices have been this week, it's probably due to all of the talking going on with the team's defensive units. Doc Rivers is pleased that his team is communicating at a high level, and while he called portions of today's session "sloppy", overall, when it comes to the recipe for another title run, the Celtics haven't forgotten their bread and butter. "The defense is obviously ahead of the offense at this point," Rivers said. "That's going to be the most important thing for us going into the year and that's been our staple the last couple of years," added Paul Pierce, "how we defend."


After today's practice, Wallace spent much of his interview today praising Kendrick Perkins for his defensive mindset.

Sheed talked about how the excessive talking is like having "another set of eyes out there", while Pierce noted what Wallace brings to the floor on the defensive end."He's played on great defensive teams, championship teams, so he understands what it takes," Pierce said. "If we defend on high level, we're going to win on most nights."

Wallace's philosophy on having a talkative defense is simple. He talked about how vocal the great Pistons teams were with Chauncey Billups and company, and he thinks it's an important part of protecting teammates as well.

"You can't let your point guard get hurt. You can't let your two-guard get hurt. They could run into a screen and 'Wham!' they could be out for a couple of games. But if you're talking, they know that screen's coming." Wallace said.


CW said...

Yes, he played on one of the greatest defensive teams ever - that Pistons team that beat the crap out of the Lakers was locking teams up. Completely.

What a pick up. C's D will be epic.

FLCeltsFan said...

Defense wins championships and this team is going to be scary good on defense this season.

My favorite movie line ever was in The Air Up There where Kevin Bacon tells the tribemen he is coaching "Defense is more important than breathing."

I LOVE this TEAM!!!!

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