Turns Out the Lakers' Bench Stunk against the Clippers, Too

The Lakers' substitutes got outhustled and outscored in the season-opening victory Tuesday over the Clippers. Are they worried? A little bit, judging by comments made today at practice by Luke Walton and Sasha Vujacic.

"Obviously, we want to play more," Walton said. "Obviously, we want to play better. We played like trash in the second quarter. Sometimes things just don't work out for you. It was a perfect storm (on) opening night.

"I know the guys on the bench are upset with the situation. The coaches are probably upset with us. But it's one game. We have 81 more. We've proven over the last few years that we have a pretty reliable bench."


Any time Luke Walton is a key player off your bench, you're in for some disappointment. It also doesn't help that, depending on whom you talk to, the Lakers' back-up point-guard is either Shannon Brown, Jordan Farmar, or Sasha Vigatooth. An even bigger problem is, regardless of who the Zen Mistress goes with at the back-up point, he's probably better than their starting point guard, Derek Fisher, who really isn't a point guard at all, and, judging from his .235 field goal percentage this year, isn't much of an undersized shooting guard either.

Since the Army went out on a limb and predicted that Andrew Bynum would be traded by mid-season, I, too, will make a prediction, though less bold. This is D.Fish's last year in the purple. He will be forced into retirement after the Fakers get dismissed from the playoffs next May. There is even a small chance the Lakers may acquire a real point guard before the deadline, and move Fish to the bench.

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