Getting our Act Together by Game 65

Earlier this week, Kevin Garnett said that games 30-55 were the hardest to get motivated for. Traditionally, I've always considered the Dog Days of the NBA season to run from mid-January to early March. So Garnett's take deviates from mine a bit. Clearly, however, Garnett is on to something.

During the 2007-08 season, we started 27-3, and then began to play sloppy, error-prone ball over the next ten games. In 2008-09, we started 27-2, and again followed that up with another slump. This year we didn't start fast, but we are definitely playing worse now than earlier in the year.

This team may struggle to win more than 55 games. But if they get healthy heading into the last 17 games, there's no reason they can't make a run for Banner 18. So I'm amending Garnett's supposition: The basketball season really doesn't start until April, but it's nice to begin building some momentum in March. That means we need to get our act together by game 65.

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