Kevin McHale: The Celtics are Fine

"Are they getting longer in the tooth? Yeah, but that's what happens," said former Celtic Kevin McHale who is now a TV analyst for TNT. "Believe me, if you stayed 25 (years old), none of us would ever play because Jerry West and Bill Russell and everybody would never let us play. You get older, so it's natural, you just get older and it happens. What happens is, they start looking at the season differently. It's going to be after the All-Star game and letting Doc get Marquis Daniels back, which makes Eddie House more effective, getting Big Baby in, who had the hand injury. I think they are fine. They are where they need to be."


I see where the Army is projecting a second round exit for the locals. Possible. So is a first-round exit for that matter. I mean, come on, let's be honest. No matter who they play in the first round, we know there is a pretty good chance of it going 6 or 7 games.

Then again, if the Cs can get healthy, stay healthy, and develop some kind of rhythm, the playoffs will be the playoffs, which is to say an opportunity to slug it out on a round-by-round basis and see who's standing at the end.

Is there something else I'm missing?


Lex said...

I say F losing. It doesn't have to sting. F it. Long way until April. If anyone important goes down, it's over.

So why the F get upset about it now.

Hell, we beat LA in LA and all this gloom and doom disappears.

So, like I said, F it.

Ya wit me?

Lex said...

Magic at home next sunday.

The tests keep coming.

We've only played Clev once.

I wonder how Leon's knee is doing?

Lex said...

18 posts queued up for the 1984 Finals, and that's just the pre-game hype before game 1.

Lex said...

The time of year is coming when the Internet and NBA world will buzz of trade rumors.

Already they have swirled about the Cavaliers, with Antawn Jamison and Amar'e Stoudemire rumored to possibly be heading to Cleveland.

Both are good players.

Both have a lot of talent.

And Jamison especially brings a lot of intangibles to the court.

What should the Cavaliers do?

Lex said...

Pierce foot injury--F that too!

Lex said...

Then again, if he is out for the year, then we need a back-up, anti-laker plan.

Go nuggets, go blazers, or go cavs?


Ryan said...

Will probably have to be go cavs. Argh. This is going to be like 88 and 89 when I had to root for the Pistons.

1111 said...

IMHO, lets wait till the week after ASG to panic...

FLCeltsFan said...

I agree with Kevin. This team will be fine come playoff time. They are getting all the injuries out of the way now. Each injury is giving key players some rest which isn't a bad thing. They proved early that they are good on the road. Home court doesn't mean much for a focused team. Look at the 69 Celtics. I'm still optimistic. Maybe it's all that green koolaid but I am still looking for Banner 18 this year.

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