KG Isn't as Bouncy

I think probably better than we expected after a guy was sitting out for a while, from being rusty and having his timing off. He’s been making shots, and making big shots for us down the stretch of games. You see the energy that he brings to our defense, and just the accountability and confidence he gives to our players when he’s on the court. It’s every bit as important as his production. He’s been huge, and health-wise he’s good. He looks great in practice. He’s still obviously not as bouncy as he was two years ago, but he’s better than he was last year and I think he’s better today then he was in training camp.


Good Lord. Danny must have gone to law school over the summer. Better than expected. Worse than two years ago. Better than camp. He looks good, but not as bouncy. Could you possibly hedge your bets any more? I'm so sick of talking about KG and his frickin' knee problems.

Just throw him out on the court, and if he survives the rest of the season, great. If not, you know, someone place a call to Marcus Webb.

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