A Question for the Boston Celtics

The calendar says January, but its feeling like autumn in the Kevin Garnett Era. When John Henry Bonham died of asphyxiation in 1980, and the band announced the end of Led Zeppelin, a reporter asked the remaining members to describe the group's ten years as the greatest rock-and-roll band on the planet.

"Whooooosh, and it was over," Robert Plant responded.

The same might be said for the Boston Celtics' latest reign at the top of the NBA. There's still a long way to go in the season. But all this team is doing now is getting spanked and then asking for more. If they're gonna lay down, why even show up? Or maybe that's who the Celtics have become, a team of door mats. Only they can answer that question.

A loss at home tomorrow against the Fakers, and it might be time to pull out the "p" word from the 1984 Finals.


The Kid said...

I think this team needs to make at least 1 move. The way it's going i'm not sure the ECF is a possibility. The killer instinct this team once had is gone. If Danny can bring in Monta Ellis or someone he needs to go for it.

Lex said...

Speaking of killer instinct, there's a chance Sheed is the one killing it.

On the other hand, you knock KG down a notch or two or three and you take away james posey, you've lost the heart and soul of the team.

Lex said...

I'm not against the monta ellis deal. But deals danny makes now will start to have that Kevin McHale feel to them, i.e., grasping at straws.

Hopefully not. But that's what I expect.

1111 said...

sorry dude I think u just a bit too negative ;)
i'm not digging the head in the sand nor be on Danny paybook, but I still think is too early to panic. they're playing horrible and may lost a big amount of regular season games, but lets wait 4-6 weeks more. I know for that time we'll have no way to shake things up, but I think that a Monta-like player cant change our chances, so why mess up a team that still can win it all?

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