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Down Goes Foreman! Down Goes Foreman!

Remember the Boston Celtics 2002 playoff run? After acquiring Tony Delk and Rodney Rogers for Joe Johnson, the Celtics went on a roll that didn't stop until they got to the Eastern Conference Finals. Up 2 games to 1 over the New Jersey Nets, the Celtics proceeded to lose the next three games. Immediately after losing game 6, Celtics coach Jim O'Brien was asked who he favored in the Finals, the Nets or the Lakers.

The Nets, he answered without hesitation. They're playing too good for anyone right now.

And so it was with me and the Super Bowl yesterday.

After watching Peyton Manning rally the Colts from 11 down against the Jets top-rated defense, and thus single-handedly change a tail-kicking being administered by the opponent into one being meted out by his team, I had the Colts beating the Saints by 10 or more yesterday. Just goes to show how a fan's perception can be skewed in sports by, well, being a fan.

The great Peyton Manning went down yesterday, just like he did in the first half against the Jets, only the Saints had enough fire-power to finish the job.

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