Celtics "Legend" Rick Robey Makes the News

HOPKINS COUNTY, KY – On Monday, FEB 9, at 6 PM former UK superstar and Boston Celtics legend Rick Robey visited the Parkway Plaza Mall in Madisonville . Though local citizens knew that a massive snow storm was heading their way, plenty of sports fans still turned out to meet one of the University of Kentucky’s most renowned players.

The purpose of the meeting was two-fold. One reason was for local citizens to get to meet Robey. The other was for Robey to offer Hopkins and surrounding county natives a chance to get into a business project that Robey and several other sports legends started up.

Robey opened the meeting with a chance for attendees to ask any questions regarding his sports history. A number of subjects were discussed, including the fact that Robey still maintains regular contact with his former University of Kentucky teammates. Everyone that showed up to meet Robey seemed to have a good time and the majority departed with a Rick Robey autograph to hang on their wall.


Boston Celtics Legend?


At what exactly was he legendary? Laying wood on opposing bigs? Being big, slow-footed, and white? That would make Greg Kite, Hank Finkel, Eric Fernsten, and Joe Kleine Celtics' legends, too (among others).




Matty said...

right my celtic knowledge of old is far from perfect, but i know the important players from the past, who in the heck is Rick Robey?

also what do ya reckon to Big baby for dj augustin?? which is what im reading this morning

1111 said...

Rick Robey was fundamental in the '80!
he allow Red land to DJ!!

that's a legandary deal... ;)

Lex said...

Famous for being traded for DJ!

Also, Larry Bird's drinking bud. Larry Bird said the reason he stepped up his game and won 3-straight MVPs was because they traded away rick robey and he had no one to drink with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lex said...

BBD for Saint Augistin? I'm against it. BBD is one of our few bigs who bangs and has young legs, and we're gonna trade him for a second or third string point guard whos shooting 36% from the field?

Matty said...

cheers for the knowledge guys, thats one of the reasons i love this blog man, research!

and if it ment he got us DJ, and he was larry's drinking buddy then he sounds like a legend to me lex! :)

Trade Rumour:
i like the idea of augistin, or maybe i just like the idea of a 2nd point guard on the team.

but i agree that we don't want to give up baby to pull it off.

But what tradable assest do we have that are within the same kind of salary sense as a backup point guard?

and what PG's do you guys like out there that would be a fitting backup for us?

Lex said...

You have BW and JR, and maybe Shelden.

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