Danny Talks Out Both Sides of His Mouth

We're going to try to do something. I feel like we need to do something. It might be something very small -- tweak the personality of our team.

--El Jeffe

Statement #1

We're going to try to do something.

Statement #2

We're going to tweak the personality of our team.

Statement #3

Statement numbers 2 & 3 tell you everything you need to know. Disregard the rest.

Danny can say he might do something "very minor." But you don't alter the "personality" of a team by making a minor move. You don't believe that trading JR Giddens, Bill Walker, Shelden Williams, or Brian Scalabrine would have any meaningful impact on the team's "personality," now do you?

Danny's plotting a move. Make no mistake. You should have started to get that feeling back in early January when Ainge, who was asked whether this team reminded him of any of the 1980s squads, responded, "no, not really any of them."


Matty said...

do you reckon for a load of schmuck pieces and some picks that houston would give us tmac?

i think he still has something to offer.

Lex said...

T-MAC is an interesting guy. He has plenty of talent, but he doesn't seem to be a huge difference maker, and can be kind of moody.

Lex said...

I was re-reading that USA today piece below. It notes the Celtics are 32-17 after the loss to the hornets.

The Celtics are actually 32-18.

We lose so often so fast no one can keep track any more!!!!

Matty said...

latest rumour ive seen, (but only the headlines, as all the sports pages are blocked here at work!)

a deal including Jesus for Caron Butler and Antwan Jamison?

What you think?

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