Doc Plans to Play Rondo and Nate Together . . . for Defensive Purposes

“He knows that’s one of the main reason we wanted him,’’ Rivers said. “He gives us defense. He pressures the ball. We can use lineups with Rondo and Nate at times against certain teams and the ball pressure alone would be phenomenal.’’


I'm just going to keep banging the same drum:

Defense is part athleticism and part heart. Nate's a great athlete, and has the desire to score. If he can transfer some of his offensive intensity over to the other side of the ball, then the only thing lacking is height. Maybe Rondo defends the 2 Nate defends the 1. With Rondo's long arms, maybe that works out OK.


Lex said...

LOS ANGELES - It may take Nate Robinson 30 seconds, maybe a minute, to become a fan favorite at TD Garden. Boston fans adore players who maximize their talent and relish the dramatic and critical moments.


I believe he meant to write "relish the dramatic AT critical moments."

Lex said...

Robinson is a standout NBA player who needed a chance, and Celtics president Danny Ainge was savvy enough to bring him to a more positive situation.




I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt...for a month

Lex said...

“He gives us speed, No. 1, and then he gives us another ballhandler,’’ Rivers said. “He gives us a guy who can have a night. When guys go flat, he’s a guy that can create shots without a play.

“The answer is yes, he absolutely makes us better.’’

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