Doc to Nate: Go to the Rim, Young Man

“I want him to be free and I want him to be aggressive,’’ Rivers said. “That’s when he’s at his best, so there’s no reason for me to try to screw that up. “I do know he’s competitive, and hopefully that comes out. I can’t wait to get him and to get to work with him. I want him looking at the basket, I don’t want him thinking about the X2Z play. I want him to look at the rim, and that’s why we’re bringing him in here.’’


If we put aside our concerns about Nate for a moment, he could be a little like Rondo Gordon Orr, Jr. Nate might be a havoc-wreaking menace out there who creates opportunities for his teammates simply because the other team is so worried about him. The one thing about playing on a bad team is you never get an accurate feel for how good someone is.

Hence the need to keep an open mind about Nate and see if he can surpass our expectations. There's a decent chance he will.

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