How Much Rides on Tonight's Game?

More than likely, what the C’s show tonight in Sacramento will decide what the makeup of the team is for the rest of the season. As Chris Forsberg said on the Celtics Late Night Show last night, if Boston comes out and flops, we will probably see some big trades going down before Thursday. If they come out and show they are a different team, then we will probably still see some kind of a trade, but a much smaller situation that will be an attempt to fill a backup role, instead of shipping Ray out the door.



That's an interesting take.

But I'm not sure there is that much riding on tonight's game.

The Celtics could lose tonight and go 1-3 on this road trip (I don't think we'll go 0-4), and still make a push that starts in March. I agree it doesn't look good for Team Green. But Danny's options don't really change much because of one game.

It's not like Miami is all of a sudden gonna be a viable trading partner with D.Wade offered up for Ray Allen. Conversely, it's not like Danny's gonna dump Ray Allen and anyone else he can for some young bucks.


Lex said...

Allen's expiring deal and a No. 1 is not enough for Jamison and Miller. But if Boston also took back Mike James and gave up Glen Davis, that would re-load the Celts and get the Wizards under the tax line. By he way, it has been understated how much Miller is in play as a guy the Wizards would take back little in return for if it got them under the tax line of $69.9 million.


I wouldn't do RA for Jamison and Miller, much less give up BBD for Mike James.

Lex said...

But if he does nothing, the Raptors' recent run of success – they are 22-10 after a sluggish start – has them using the final stages of the season to establish seeding rather than simply chasing a playoff spot.

But simply making the playoffs for the Raptors is not the primary goal, especially since they turned their season around after a 7-13 start. They not only think they have a shot to catch Boston for the Atlantic Division title (the Celtics are four games ahead of Toronto and hold the tiebreaker advantage) but they also think any first-round playoff series would be winnable.

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