The Predictive Power of Celtics-Lakers Regular Season Matchups

Season      Regular Season Result          NBA Champion
2008-09 Lakers Sweep Lakers defeat Magic
2007-08 Celtics Sweep Celtics defeat Lakers
2003-04 Lakers Sweep Pistons defeat Lakers
2001-02 Celtics Sweep Lakers defeat Nets
2000-01 Lakers Sweep Lakers defeat Nets
1999-00 Lakers Sweep Lakers defeat Pacers
1990-91 Split Bulls defeat Lakers
1988-89 Split Pistons Sweep Lakers
1987-88 Lakers Sweep Lakers defeat Pistons
1986-87 Lakers Sweep Lakers defeat Celtics
1985-86 Celtics Sweep Celtics defeat Rockets
1984-85 Split Lakers defeat Celtics
1983-84 Lakers Sweep Celtics defeat Lakers
1982-83 Celtics Sweep Sixers Sweep Lakers
1981-82 Split Lakers defeat Sixers
1980-81 Celtics Sweep Celtics defeat Rockets
1979-80 Lakers Sweep Lakers defeat Sixers
1975-76 Celtics Sweep Celtics defeat Suns
1973-74 Split Celtics defeat Bucks
1971-72 Celtics 4-0 Knicks defeat Lakers
1970-71 Lakers 4-1 Lakers defeat Knicks
1969-70 Lakers 4-2 Knicks defeat Lakers
1968-69 Lakers 4-2 Celtics defeat Lakers
1967-68 Lakers 4-3 Celtics defeat Lakers
1965-66 Celtics 7-3 Celtics defeat Lakers
1964-65 Celtics 7-3 Celtics defeat Lakers
1963-64 Celtics 6-3 Celtics defeat Warriors
1962-63 Lakers 5-4 Celtics defeat Lakers
1961-62 Celtics 6-3 Celtics defeat Lakers
1960-61 Celtics 8-2 Celtics defeat Hawks
Pre-1961 Data Not Aailable
When the Celtics and Lakers faced off in the 1984 NBA Finals, my brother, the Lakers' fan, fired this opening salvo: you know how it works. Whoever wins the season series wins the NBA championship. "Christ, I thought to myself. We're screwed." Turned out it wasn't true, even in the early days of the Magic v. Bird Era, which is the era my brother was talking about.

Still, it is interesting to see if there has been any karma-connection between the pre-season duels and the Finals victor. I'll let you make the call. But I would say that at least during the 1980s, a sweep by either team was reflective more often than not as to whom would take home the ring.


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“It’s easy for me to move guys around the exterior of our core. It’s very difficult for me to ever even think about touching anybody in our core. So if we do this, that in my opinion is what we’d be doing, and for me that’s a tough thing to do

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is that a quote from Mr. Ainge?

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Quote from Doc.

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