Rivers to Celtics Doubters: If you Jumped Off the Bandwagon, Stay Off

“We have not played with a great rhythm over the last 20 games. I get that, and that’s fine. Whoever’s jumped off the bandwagon, stay off. But I like this team. I’ve said it over and over again. I didn’t think we needed to make a lot of changes and we didn’t. We’ll see if that was the right decision or not.”


The challenge is clearly in the players' laps.

Can they rebound better as a team (we got beat 50-43 last night)? Can they execute better in crunch time (they went scoreless for long stretches of the 4th quarter last night)? Can they win a big game in a dominating fashion? Can Rasheed shut his trap and find ways to help when his shot isn't falling? Can KG work around his physical limitations?

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