Road Trip Projections

Tue, Feb 16 @ Sacramento 10:00 PM
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Thu, Feb 18 @ LA Lakers 10:30 PM TNT
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Fri, Feb 19 @ Portland 10:30 PM ESPN

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Sun, Feb 21 @ Denver 3:30 PM ABC
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I'll say 1-3.

Interestingly, the Raptors next three opponents include the Grizz, the Nets, and the Wiz. Do the Celtics have another gear? We should find out in the next four games. The real question might be whether the Celtics have figured out a way to finish games off.

Last year, the Celtics dealt the Kings their worst home loss in franchise history. So Vlade Divac and company (er, I mean Paul Westphal and company) will be motivated. How will the Celtics respond to a home team hungry for payback?


Lex said...

Danny Ainge continues to maintain that a trade is unlikely. He's willing to move Ray Allen to get a young player back, but the guys he's pursuing -- Monta Ellis, Kevin Martin, Andre Iguodala, etc -- aren't available for just an expiring deal (at least not yet). And I don't think the Celtics want to take on a horrific contract like Corey Maggette or Richard Hamilton. That's the problem. I know some GMs around the league think Boston is desperate. But after making some calls yesterday, I think they are content with just doing something small.

Chad Ford


Ya think?


What a revelation.

Lex said...

Danny's goal:

Trade flotsam and jetsam for something of value, preferably something with a snarl.

Matty said...

I would like a nate robinson pick up, he's full of energy and would be a bright spark off the bench!

I wonder what we would have to give up to get him though??

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