Short-handed Celtics Travel to Portland

Even at full-strength, the Celtics roster stands at a mere 13 players, and that includes Marcus Landry, who is now being called a practice player. However, Landry and fellow former Knick Nate Robinson are unlikely to be eligible to play tonight because of the logistics and timing of the trade. That leaves 11 Celtics to compete . . . except that Tony Allen hurt his leg last night, and Doc (see video below) pronounced him doubtful for tonight.

Which brings us down to 10 players.

That means extra PT for Marquis, right? Probably, but he was kinda, sorta AWOL last night, and, I thought, looked way skinnier than usual. Perhaps he's sick? In any event, look for some creative coaching to get around these hurdles.

I had a good feeling about last night's game, and do again for tonight's game. But we'll need everyone to contribute. NO 2-11s from Sheed, and no gooseggs from Squisy.

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