Smiles on My Face

Rondo two strips of Gasoft, one ending in a Ray Allen Dunk.

Jesus unconscious in quarters 1-3, hitting his first 10 of 11 shots and drilling threes in Fisher's face.

KG's two shake-and-bakes, including a dribble-drive-and-dunk past Gasoft.

KG's moonball bankshot over Wilt, Jr.

The Baby Davis fist pump after hitting a 20-footer.

The Final Score.


Lex said...

On the negative side:

KG still looks clumsy in the paint, especially defending and rebounding.

Rasheed "This is my time of Year" Wallace was 2-11.

Why can't Rondo drive more often in the fourth? Hell, he ought to be able to score 11 points on his own.

Lex said...



Lex said...

TA get injured again?

I saw him with his shoe off and leg getting rubbed.

He never returned either.

Lex said...

How can this team score more down the stretch?

Matty said...

undoubtidly the worse games for the two summer signings!

hopefully they can turn it around.

I was reading somewhere that we might pick up morris almond from the redclaws... u reckon there is much to that? i mean we do have the space for him now....

and he is the dleagues highest scorer.

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