Do You Believe?

It’s a completely different team. All of them are different. They’re better, they’re healthier. They’re feeling better.


Periodically, we'll take a temperature check as the Celtics inch closer to the playoffs. I believe Celtics Nation is warming up to this team, but still has its doubts. Count me as a member of that group.

The thing is, all you really want is a chance. That's all you want as a player, as coach, as a GM, as an owner, as a fan. And the playoffs are kind of like the Lottery. Everyone has a chance. The Celtics may not have the most ping-pong balls heading into the playoff Lotto. But they are among the top three to five teams in the East with the best chance to make it to the Finals.

It just all comes down to how those balls bounce on game day.

We'll talk more about age and athleticism next time.


Lex said...

KG, PP, TA, RA, and RR. That's quite the lineup down the stretch.

Lex said...

Six minutes for squisy. Very interesting. I'd like to see Shelden get some of Sheed's PT

Ryan said...

Did I miss something last night? I've been reading all over the web how great KG. There was a sequence where he looked like he was wearing cement boots. He had about three chances off a rebound to score from point blank and couldn't get it done. I'm not even expecting the thunderous dunks anymore but I would like to see him be able to go back up with an offensive rebound. If not the bucket then at least get the foul.

Lex said...

Yeah, some people want KG to be the dominant KG. He can be good, maybe very good. Just not the old KG, IMO.

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