Dusting Off the Cape

Tonight Paul Pierce posted his first 20-point scoring effort since January 29th, and looked a lot like the Superman of old in so doing. Meanwhile, that seven-foot-one guy on the roster was blocking more shots than I could keep track of. While he's not the KG of old, the Ticket is starting to do something he hasn't done in a while: pump his fist when any of his teammates force something good to happen on defense. We're still not playing the greatest defense, but one thing that's been lacking on D has been an emotional and spiritual presence.

That little fist-pump may be the first sign that Tom Thibodeau is starting to rally the troops, and using Garnett to lead the charge.


Matty said...

it's good to get a win like that, when ray only gets 3 points, and rondo only 6 assists! It seemed like business as usual.

I'm just hoping for some consistency now i guess!

Lex said...

We've still got a ways to go.

We got outrebounded.

They scored a ton of their points in the paint.

And KG, while big in the paint tonight, sometimes still looks scared down there--afraid to play hard cuz he might get injured.

20 games to build on this.

Matty said...

True, i still don't understand the rebounding problem.

I can only think that its a lack of effort, or want for the rebound.

Hopefully we can sure up all these holes and keep her steady until the playoffs.

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