The fact that Doc Rivers played a perfectly healthy Marquis Daniels a mere six minutes against the Denver Nuggets is perhaps more interesting than the line-up Doc brandished late in the game, using P-squared at the four and TA at the 3. TA, of course, was the beneficiary of the Daniels' decision, and he more than capitalized.

Don't get me wrong. I like Marquis. Marquis finds more creative ways to knife through opposing defenses and score from inside than anyone on the Celtics, save Rajon Rondo, especially if you exclude Celtic players whose drives result in charge calls. I also realize that's it dangerous to interpret the sometimes placid look on his face as a lack of intensity. After all, I was a big fan of double-zero. Still, S'quisy doesn't always seem to play with a fire in his belly.

Nor does TA. But at this point in his career, I think we all know when Tony Allen is most likely to provide a high-intensity performance: after he's been sitting on the bench for a long stretch, getting DNPs while someone else gets his PT.

In the end, the Celtics are gonna need to "bring it" to get very far in the playoffs. Doc Rivers is all about fire and intensity. He's the anti-Zen Mistress. Accordingly, Doc will play those guys who play the game this way. Going to TA over MD may just be the first example. Could a preference for Shelden over Sheed be in the offing?

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