The Scariest Thing Doc has Said All Year (plus an Ode to Baby!)

"We played hard, we just didn't play well."

--Doc Rivers, after the loss to Milwaukee.

Well, boys and girls, that sentence pretty much captures where we're at. We showed up. We played hard. We even played pretty well (I disagree with Doc. We certainly didn't stink last night). But we still didn't get it done. What does that tell us? Three options: A) Even when we want to win, we don't, meaning we're just not that good. B) We still haven't put it all together, meaning we still have room to play hard and play well. C) Same old chit. Regular season means nothing. This was a two-point loss. Get ready for a bunch of hard-fought playoff series that go the distance.

I sure hope it's not A. Stay tuned.


In the meantime, please step forward if you don't like Glen Davis. Please tell me you don't think he's a Boston Celtic. I say pishaw to all that. PJ Brown--gone. James Posey--gone. Leon Powe--gone. That's a lot of steely nerved toughness no longer wearin' da green. Glen Davis might be the only player on the current roster capable of being the antidote to the sissified ball that Larry Bird was talking about in the 1984 NBA Finals.

I mean, come on. He knocks down Brandon Jennings, and then proceeds to jump up in his face. Next trip down he gets the ball and immediately throws in a jump hook. Glen Davis may be the toughest player on the team. Paul Pierce can talk. But Glen Davis does the walk. Surely you remember the rule Doc Rivers implemented in 2008? No layups. James Posey enforced that rule more often than not.

Now we have Glen.

Glen Davis can pull up a seat to the table with any Celtic in history as far as I'm concerned.

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Lex said...

And don't forget who put shaq out of action for two months.

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