Why Weren't the C's Motivated? Maybe ask Doc

“It’s just another loss to a team,” Rivers said. “The same as to San Antonio or the Lakers. It’s still a loss. Maybe because I played for so long, that stuff doesn’t bother me at all. Of course when you lose to a team with a bad record they’re going to kill your team. But at the end of the day it’s about winning in the playoffs.

“If we win the title, do you think that Jersey loss is going to mean anything? And then if we didn’t, maybe you can say, ‘Well, it all started in the Jersey game.’ So that stuff doesn’t bother me. But I’m so above that crap. My focus is on our team, not who you lose to.”


I agree with Glenn. So I'm not necessarily criticizing him in this post. But when the Master Motivator, he of the light shone on the empty wall, the off-season duck boat ride, and the hoisting of a blank banner at the practice facility, says that regular season losses don't bug him all that much, well, you know that's what he's telling his troops, too.

Don't worry about it gang. Our goal is to improve. Our goal is to peak at the right time. Our goal is to start winning big games when the playoffs begin, because there are no big games until the playoffs begin

I get all this. But if indeed that is Doc's mantra, can we really be surprised at the team's lack of urgency earlier on in the season?


Matty said...

True point lex, hopefully though, they don't let too many more regular season games go, as i think we could do with making a push for at least the number 2 spot.

btw what was up with the bench last night? i was chuffed for baby, getting 8 boards (6 offensive!), but offensively the bench laid and egg!

3 for 21 from the field! EEK!

Lex said...

Yeah, the Celtics bench doesn't produce, and the Celtics will struggle to win.

Can we say that?

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