Why would Finley Choose Boston?

Michael Finley officially cleared waivers at 6 p.m., and the Celtics immediately got in line as part of a group that also reportedly included the Lakers and Nuggets.

As of game time Danny Ainge hadn’t talked to Henry Thomas – the swingman’s agent – though the Celtics’ president of basketball operations hoped to make contact later in the evening.

Other teams could conceivably offer more than the Celtics, who only have the veteran’s minimum salary to offer Finley


I'm not opposed to signing Michael Finley. Nor am I in favor of it. I like what we have on our bench, but another wing wouldn't hurt, given the recent health problems of Mssrs. T.Allen, M.Daniels, and Paul Pierce. But the real question is why would Finley choose Boston over Denver and the Fakers. I know, I know. Everyone loves to play with the Ticket. Fine. But remember how Grant Hill dogged us last summer? One reason Hill returned to Phoenix was PT. In Hill's mind, there was no way he was going to get sufficient playing time with Ray Allen and Paul Pierce on the roster.

Finley would have to compete against an even deeper roster than Hill declined to join. Say what you want about the Lakers (and I know a lot of people are afraid of them), but I don't like their bench, and Finley would likely get some PT if he joined them. The Lakers, moreover, are odds on favorites in the West, and probably league favorites to bring home an NBA championship.

Join the Celtics and fight for a few minutes on a team that might get beat in the first round or join the Fakers and play decent minutes for a team the pundits like to win it all.

Like I said, why would Finley choose Boston?


Lex said...

I say try to coach barry or bowen out of retirement

Matty said...

bowen would be fantastic. A 6"7' SF who is a terrific defender, and can shoot the 3 ball acceptably, that would be fantastic. I wish that they would pull that one off!

Matty said...

btw, i totally agree with what you're saying about finley, i don't see it happening.

Lex said...

You never know.

Danny's been known to keep a trick or two up his sleeve.

Lex said...

coax, not coach, out of retirement.


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