Was George Gervin Better than DJ?


I mean it. Who was better?

So Ice won a few scoring titles.


I just don't see how a one-dimensional guy like Ice gets enough votes for Naismith, while a multidimensional threat like DJ is left to wander the world in purgatory.

This really irks me. The Isiah-DJ discussion is silly by comparison. No one doubts that Isiah was one of the all-time great point guards. But George Gervin was a scorer, pure and simple. That shouldn't be enough to get you into the Hall over players that were multidimensional threats.

While sitting out 3 games due to injury, Gervin's replacement, Ron Brewer, averaged over 30 ppg. When Gervin returned, he scored 40+ points. When asked if he was sending a message, Gervin said, "Just the way the Lord planned it" and added, "Ice be cool" (with Ron Brewer). LINK

Can you see DJ doing something like that? Well, can you?

Yesterday, we read that Magic Johnson called-out DJ as one of the best defenders ever. Even Gervin said that no one defended better than DJ.

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The Kid said...

Gervin wasn't just a scorer but one of the best scorers in NBA history. It's also not like he was playing for losing teams his entire career. He made it to multiple conference finals, he just wasn't the type of player to make that extra next step just like a Dominique Wilkins.

This is an easy one, Gervin was a Top 5 or Top 10 player in the ABA/NBA for about a decade, DJ might have had one or two seasons where he was ever a Top 10 player.

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