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1988 NBA Playoffs: Bob Ryan Says Celtics in 5


First of all, let us have no talk about "experience" as a difference in this series. True, many Celtics are indeed old enough to have watched "Howdy Doody," but the Hawks happen to be well past teething age themselves. This is, in fact, the exact same starting five that played against Boston two years ago. If Tree Rollins, Kevin Willis, Dominique Wilkins, Doc Rivers and Randy Wittman don't know each other by now, it's probably too late. The only prominent Hawk who hasn't been around for at least three years is John Battle.

Nothing against Atlanta, but the Hawks appear to be a close-but-no-cigar kind of team. Well coached? Absolutely. Talented in certain areas? Absolutely. Good enough to spot a healthy Boston a home-court advantage and win the series? Very unlikely. Look for BOSTON IN FIVE, but six is a possibility if Wilkins twice goes gazangas in the Omni.

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