Hatin' on Nate

I've been on a Celtics email distribution list since 1999, and I can tell you one thing: the amount of hatred poured on Mighty Mouse was unprecedented. "Worst trade in Celtics' history," one fan wrote. Obviously, the Joe Johnson and Vin Baker trades weren't fresh in his mind. Another fan compared him to Stephon Marbury. Starberry had exactly one good game as a Boston Celtic, his first. I wasn't a math major, but I'm pretty sure there's a word to describe something that has a starting point but no ending point: infinity. That was a long silence between good games for Steph. Nate? Last night marked another in more than a handful of games in which Tiny II made a memorable and meaningful contribution.

Sometimes we Celtics fans go a little overboard and a little over the edge.


Lex said...

Is this the first time in Celtics history a #4 has made it to the NBA Finals?

Matty said...

i don't think i went overboard, but i was definitely frustrated with Nate a little bit, or maybe the non usage of him! but i sure got told! good job mighty mouse!

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