Lakers Already Favored to Beat C's

Of the four remaining teams, the Lakers and the Boston Celtics have proven to be the most consistent and the ones to beat come June. Thus, the Boston Celtics [+200 ML] have been listed and given the second best sports betting odds to win the 2009-10 NBA Championship Odds.

Here’s how the rest of the field compares in the category of 2009-10 NBA Championship Odds Favorites:

Los Angeles Lakers [-200 ML]

Boston Celtics [+200 ML]


Let's be honest, gang.

The way the Celtics are playing, the green should be favored against the 2008 Celtics, the 1971-72 Lakers, and a host of other all-time great teams. But are they favored against the injured and barely-able-to-form-a-team-to-run-practice-sessions LA Lakers?

Of course not.

And I wouldn't have it any other way.

You feed these Celtics grapes, you break out the lounge chairs and fan them, you stroke their egos, and we all know the result. You kick them in the ass, tell them that their gonna get smoked, and then rub their noses in it, well, then the real Celtics step up to the plate.

KG may have had the best line of the post-season.

After beating the Cavs in the semis, he sat himself down at the post-game presser, looked around, and wondered where everybody came from? Why was the media suddenly interested in the left-for-dead Boston Celtics?

F' em.

That was KG's message.

Here were the odds heading into the playoffs:

2009-2010 NBA Championship
Updated May 3, 2010
Cleveland 8/5 EVEN
L.A. Lakers 19/10 2/1
Orlando 9/2 7/2
Phoenix 15/1 15/1
San Antonio 22/1 20/1
Utah 25/1 22/1
Atlanta 18/1 28/1
Boston 18/1 35/1


Lex said...

I'll give Rome credit. He ate humble pie after game 1.

Lex said...

Oddsmakers at online super-sportsbook Bodog.com really like the Los Angeles Lakers lining them favorites at 4-to-7 odds. How does this line translate into dollars and cents? If you wager $700 on the Lakers and they win, the payoff to you will be $400.

In the eyes of Bodog oddmakers, the Boston Celtics are installed with second best odds to win the 2010 NBA championship at 9-to-5. If Boston wins, a $500 wager would pay $900.

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