Magic Johnson Earning Some Love from Celtic Nation

Stuart Scott:

The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Orlando Magic had the two best regular season records in the NBA and looked like two dominant teams on a collision course for a duel in the Eastern Conference Finals. Now those teams look more like lint the Boston Celtics have brushed off their shoulders. What happened?

Magic Johnson:

Rondo, Rondo, and more Rondo. Rajon Rondo is the best all-around point guard in the NBA, bar none. And it's not even close.

Any Questions?

Come on, Celtic Nation. If you watched the Larry v. Magic HBO special, then you know Magic Johnson yearns for love . . . from everyone. I think he's earned a little love from us. I trust his analysis now more than just about anybody else. When we stink, he tells us why. We we're dominant, he knows why.

Let's give it up for Mr. Purple.


Lex said...

On the other hand, Jon Barry's observation can't be ignored either.

"The Orlando Magic were one of the best offensive teams in the NBA this season. They entered the ECFs undefeated. What happened was they ran into a brick wall. This is the most stifling defense I've ever seen."


Since he was gushing about the defense in 2008, that's saying something.

The Kid said...

He actually also called Deron Williams the best NBA point guard in that same statement but what he said was still cool. I can't wait to hear #1 Celtic hater Charles Barkley spin this latest Celtic win.

Lex said...


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