Plaschke Weighs in on the Rivalry

Them again.

The ugly uniforms, the obnoxious fans, the chippy players, and that damn cigar.

Kevin McHale's arm around Kurt Rambis' neck, Cedric Maxwell's hands around his own neck, Larry Bird on the wing, Danny Ainge on the floor and Paul Pierce in that damn wheelchair.

The Memorial Day Massacre, the Heat Game, the Junior Skyhook game, the June 17 Swoon, and those damn balloons.

Love it and loathe it, the Lakers are once again going green, their 111-103 victory over the Phoenix Suns here Saturday night clinching the Western Conference championship and setting up the 12th NBA Finals meeting of the most storied championship rivalry in any sport.

It will be the Lakers against the Boston Celtics in the Finals, a phrase as common in the sports lexicon as, say, "Paul Pierce is a flopper."

If you sense any angst here, well, the Lakers have endured 51 years of it in this rivalry, losing nine of the 11 Finals, including being run out of Boston two seasons ago in possibly the most embarrassing Finals clinching in NBA history.


Good stuff.


Ryan said...

Paul Pierce is a flopper? Does he watch Derek Fisher play?

Lex said...

Excellent point!

Matty said...

im so excited! this is going to be epic!

but i am also scared about losing perk for a game, no way he makes it through a series without a tech!

so i want him to get it out of the way!

Lex said...

Can he control his emotions for 6 or 7 games?

Probably not.

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